Dissertation Project: Whose Knowledge, Whose Power?

For the last decade or so, along with my learning partners, I have been developing a story-based theater methodology for social science research. Using a combination of Boalian theater of the oppressed, Freirian liberators pedagogy and my own lifelong experience as a theater artist, I have been designing these techniques for the purpose of “generating” ideas and co-creating knowledges, that then become data to inform the collaborative research that I do with my community and academic partners. Previously, we have used these techniques for art-making and you can find out more about that work at http://aguakinesis.edublogs.org/

For my current/dissertation project, I am honored to be working in collaboration with Movimiento Ríos Vivos in Antioquia, Colombia. MRV is made up of 14 campesina/o along the Río Cauca (or Patron Mono as they call their beloved river) working in resistance to the Hidroituango hydroelectric mega-project that has caused irreparable environmental and social damage to this area.

Stay tuned for updates on my research here.

Una Carta de Amor Teatral

As we were finishing the 2019 visit to Chiapas that led to my Master’s thesis, after we had completed our first workshop, Olivia from Cántaro Azul asked me if I had a catalog of theater games that I might be able to share. Unfortunately, at the time I did not, but the thought stayed with me that it would be great to create such a catalog. Thus Una Carta de Amor Teatral was born. For this booklet, which is a set of instructions on how to do the sorts of theater activities that my collaborators and I have been developing, we teamed up with a wonderful group of Mexicanas living in Ithaca NY. They agreed to partake in a series of workshops which my longtime collaborator y gran amiga Prof. Debra Castillo photographed (and hosted in her beautiful backyard!). Below is a PDF of the book. Please contact me carolina@cornell.edu if you plan to use it for educational purposes or otherwise. This book is self-published and it is for sharing with amigxs!

Una Carta de Amor Teatral

Hola. Welcome. Bienvenidx.

¡Hola! Bienvenidx a mi página. ¡Estoy muy entusiasmada de compartir mis intereses contigo! Disfruta, y si tienes preguntas o quieres conversar, mándame un email: carolina@cornell.edu

Hello and welcome to my site. I am really excited to share all of my interests with you. Enjoy, and please contact me if you have questions or would like to discuss: carolina@cornell.edu

Siempre en solidaridad | Always in solidarity